Photographer, designer, and entrepreneur, Clément Tannouri plays with talent, ingenuity, and expertise.  
Photographer - Clément hunts, captures, and perpetuates the moment.  
His photographs are artworks imprinted with authenticity and essential beauty. Whether natural or urban landscapes, aerial views, or architecture, neither the subject nor the time slips away from him. He reveals them, he sublimes them. Each image becomes an ode to creation.  
Advertising photography is another of his specialties: whatever the theme, Clément knows how to read and interpret the codes. Numerous are those who trust his flair. Prominent companies, such as Bank Audi, do not hesitate to entrust him their history so he can transcribe it into a visual heritage.  
He has exercised this unbridled passion ever since his hands are large enough to hold a lens, and his mind curious, daring and subtle enough to exalt the ordinary.  
Clément explores every corner of Lebanon to offer the world a contemplative and exceptional vision of his country. He already published four books filled with insightful and spectacular pictures: 
- "Zahlée: Evidence of Time" in 2004; 
- "Lebanon: Memories of a Moment" - preface by May Chidiac - in 2006; 
- "Lebanon: On Earth as in Heaven" - preface by Said Akl - in 2010; 
- "Cedars of Lebanon: Pledge of Eternity" in 2011. 
In addition, such wondrous images are gathered into two sets of posters: "Lebanon: Chest of Instants" and "Lebanon Seen from The Sky."  
Now you can also use his photos as wallpapers thanks to the "Clement Tannouri - Lebanon landscapes" app (available for iPhone and Android).

Designer and Entrepreneur - Clément creates and shapes.  
In 2003, while freshly graduated from the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Lyon in Strategic Marketing and International Commerce, Clément cannot resist the call from his homeland. It is then in Lebanon that he gives a kick-off to his aspirations. At only 26 years old, he founds SCREENS S.A.R.L, a Graphic Design agency integrating an advertising photography studio.  
Since then, his witty mind never takes a rest, and his thrill to create keeps on rising. Whether initiated from an urge to inspire or from a client request, all of his works hold a distinguishable touch. As an example: the "Cedars Box" - an original concept regarding the preservation of the Cedars of Lebanon, or “Gigapixels” – an unparalleled service of virtual tours designed by assembling very high resolution images (gigapixels). A test is currently in progress for the city of Zahle.

More than ever committed to getting involved in technical and innovative projects, Clément sets up in 2014 the creative agency CHASSEURS D’INSTANTS S.A.R.L, through which he is extending his activities to video production.

His style strikes and has won over such leading entities as the international agencies H & C Leo Burnett or Impact BBDO, the Presidential Palace, and the Ministry of Tourism of Lebanon.
The secret for his success? Undoubtedly his tireless determination as well as his appetite to learn and share. In September 2014, he actually attended the prestigious Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon; a school of exception and excellence where he was trained in culinary arts and French gastronomy by internationally renowned chefs. A tradition that he intends to make us experience through his new brand "Chasseurs de saveurs". 

Creating. Always creating beautiful things. That is the ambition of Clement, nicknamed the "astonishing artist" by the famous Lebanese poet Said Akl. An aim that explains his dynamic character as well as his desire to innovate and surprise.

F:+33 (06) 15 72 70 67 / LB: + 961 (03) 753 563